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ivr design concepts

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IVR Design Concepts

ivr design process To effectively design, develop, test and implement a new IVR (interactive voice response) application requires an experienced and professional organization. Care should be taken to construct a workable solution that satisfies the needs of both the caller and the organization.

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) has been providing computer technology products and services since 1978 and has an experienced staff of IVR professionals who have created IVR solutions for many groups and industries.

DSC also offers a complete IVR design and development software solution for the creation of automatic phone answering applications. Whether your application is simple or complex, DSC can develop your phone campaign quickly and have your application in production within days.

Contact DSC to learn more about this IVR design process and the software that has been developed for so many industries and organizations.

IVR Design and Implementation Phases

Database Systems Corp. applies the systems approach to the design and development of IVR applications for its system's and service clients. Here is a detailed breakdown of these design steps as performed by our experienced IVR management and development organization.

  • IVR Consulting - can be defined as the definition phase of an IVR project. During this period, IVR consultants determine if and how an automated phone answering solution can benefit both the organization and the end user. The result of this phase is the creation of an IVR feasibility document.
  • IVR Design - is an important phase of a project where the IVR application requirements are researched and defined in terms that can be understood by an IVR developer. The result of this research is a written document called the IVR specification.
  • IVR Development - is a component of an IVR project where a programming team is assembled and assigned tasks to compete the creation of an automated phone answering program.
  • IVR Programming - is the actual coding and creation of the IVR phone application. This can be accomplished using traditional programming languages or the IVR can be developed with high level IVR programming tools.
  • IVR Testing - is a key element within a new IVR development project. Testing involves not just the functioning of the IVR program but also how well the IVR program performs under stress and error conditions.
  • IVR Implementation - is the final phase of a new IVR project. During this period, the IVR program is installed in a live environment with real end users utilizing the features of this new program. IVR developers closely monitor the performance of the IVR during this initial implementation phase.
  • IVR Management - is control over the operation of an automated phone answering (IVR) program. This entails managing the computer and telecom resources as well as the IVR program including current maintenance functions and future enhancements.

State Of New Jersey - Department Of Community Affairs

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"The Department of Community Affairs is dedicated to investing in our communities. Our programs - our investments - are creating neighborhoods where people want to raise families and build businesses.

The Department of Community Affairs, through its various divisions and affiliates, is making direct and positive contributions to lives on every street in New Jersey. We can help plan a town, inspect it and protect it. We can work with the town's elected officials and advocate for its residents." -

The Department of Community Affairs, State of New Jersey, has contracted with Database Systems Corp. to provide a phone information service to its residents using our IVR software and phone services. This service answers calls from individuals and organizations making Freedom Of Information requests. Calls are processed automatically using our IVRS (IVR systems) and service. Our call center phone systems process these calls with prompts and menu routing, and records responses left by the callers. These voice recordings are transmitted to the state via email for subsequent fulfillment by state employees.

IVR Client Applications

Database Systems Corp. has developed numerous IVR applications and has installed a number of IVR systems at client locations. Here is just a sample of the applications developed by DSC with a representative company that utilizes our IVR technology.

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