IVR Application utility phone services
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Utility Phone Services
Provide Customer Service By Phone

Utility Phone Services Using IVR Technology

utility phone services Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides call processsing technology. DSC specializes in the development of automated phone answering systems and voice message broadcasting solutions.

What Is A Public Utility?

    "A public utility is a company that maintains the infrastructure for a public service (often also providing a service using that infrastructure). Public utilities often involve natural monopolies, and as a result are often government monopolies, or if privately owned, treated as specially regulated sectors.

    Examples of utility company services include electricity, water, sewage treatment, waste disposal, natural gas distribution, public transport, telephone and cable, and road systems."
DSC provides phone technology to utility companies in its own call centers where it manages customer call answering services and voice broadcast outsourcing services.

Utility companies have utilized our phone systems and have realized significant benefits from these automated call answering services. Customers seeking information regarding utility service, account status information, or wishing to report service outages can be provided service 24 hours a day.

Calls can also be routed directly to utility employees such as customer service representatives. This is critical when reporting an emergency such as a service outage. If an after hours call is not an emergency such as billing or account information requests, the caller can leave a voicemail message. This can be recalled during normal business hours by the utility service representative.

Contact DSC to learn more about our complete inbound phone services and as well as our state-of-the-art phone systems. Visit our Phone Applications web page to view our other phone services.

Public Service of New Hampshire

"Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH) is the Granite State's largest electric utility, serving more than 475,000 homes and businesses throughout the state. Our personnel includes more than 1,200 employees who work and live in New Hampshire, contributing in many ways to the communities where they reside." - www.psnh.com

DSC provides phone answering services to PSNH using an 800 number. This service provides business and residential customer information on utility plans. This call answering service also provides the customer with the ability to speak directly with a customer service representative.

Utility Phone Applications

These are just a few applications using our automatic phone services:

  • Manage utility information requests
  • Process rate and charge inquiries
  • Handle power outage reports
  • Report disruption of services
  • Community service information
  • Handle billing information requests
  • Handle delinquent accounts
  • Initiate repair dispatch
  • Record problem reports
  • Process payments using credit cards
  • Obtain nearest business locations
  • Provide business hours and days
  • Provide 24 x 7 Answering Service
  • Record phone call information
  • Access and update database information
  • Access information from the web
  • Transfer caller to customer service rep.
  • Convert text data to speech
  • Provide online reporting

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