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IVR Survey Technology

ivr surveys Database Systems Corp. (DSC) has been providing computer related technology since 1978 including automated phone systems and data collection software.

Using this advanced call center technology, DSC has developed IVR survey applications using interactive voice response (IVR) development software. Inbound IVR surveys can be processed using this application or IVR surveys can be initiated by outbound phone calls to respondents.

Our automated phone systems can contact your call survey prospects and play an introductory message. Your survey respondent is then given the option to take this survey, leave a voice message, hear additional information, talk with one of your representatives or simply decline to participate in the phone survey.

The telephone survey can accept touchphone response or can record each question response for later analysis.

Contact DSC to learn more about our complete IVR design and development services and as well as our IVR survey outsourcing services.

Customer Profile - Johns Hopkins University

"The Johns Hopkins University was the first research university in the United States. Founded in 1876, it was an entirely new educational enterprise. Its aim was not only to advance students' knowledge, but also to advance human knowledge generally, through discovery and scholarship." - www.jhu.edu

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University utilize our telephone survey call center services to manage their automated Phone Interview surveys of student volunteers. Johns Hopkins is collecting behavioral information over an extended period of time for long term health care research.

Creating Phone Surveys

Automatic phone surveys are easy to create and manage using DSC's phone survey software. Scripts can be developed independent of the phone server, allowing developers to create and test phone surveys.

Final scripts are then uploaded to the DSC phone system and the IVR script is automatically created. To create simple phone surveys, DSC has created a Survey Builder desktop program.

IVR Survey Phone Systems

IVR survey phone systems Our expandable and affordable IVR System is ideally suited for automated phone surveying. This phone system features our comprehensive IVR software that leads you step by step through the design and development of your IVR survey application.

This entry level phone system supports analog phone lines and is called the WIZARD system. This 4 line IVR phone system includes a simple setup tool or comes optionally with our IVR Software development toolkit that lets you develop more complex phone surveys.

If your survey audience is large and your calling campaign requires additional phone lines, our PACER IVR Phone system can be used in environments where hundreds to thousands of digital phone lines are available.

IVR Survey Outsourcing Services

Our IVR survey clients are provided the following features when using our IVR outsourcing services: ivr survey outsourcing

  • Your Own 800 Number
  • Simple To Complex Survey Routing
  • Database Access and Update
  • Unlimited Survey Questions
  • Website and Server Data Access
  • Text To Speech Converter
  • Call Recording and Retrieval Service
  • Professional Voice Prompts
  • Outside Phone Transfer Upon Completion
  • Online Reporting
  • Much More....

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