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Legal Phone Services
Automatic Call Handling Service

Legal Answering Service and Call Reminders

legal phone services Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a leading technology provider specializing in the development of automated phone systems. DSC utilizes this technology in its own call centers where it provides 800 phone answering services and message broadcast outsourcing services.

Legal firms and organizations providing legal services can benefit from automated telephone answering services. Your phones can be answered in a professional and consistent manner, 24 hours a day.

Callers and potential clients can be given specific instructions that guides them through your legal services department and eventually connects them with the proper person in your organization. This could be a legal secretary, a paralegal, a specific attorney, or even to an another affiliated firm. The type of legal service required by the caller can be assertained quickly and the call routed to the proper group.

Calls can also be routed directly to a specific attorney if the caller is given the proper extension. Calls can also be routed to an attorney's cell phone or sent to a voice mailbox. An alert can be sent to the individual responsible for this mail box when a message is received.

Our phone services go beyond simply answering your phones. Late payment reminder calls can be automatically generated and sent using a recorded message, reminding the individual that payment is overdue. Notices can be delivered by phone to groups of individuals in case of an emergency or extraordinary event.

Contact DSC to learn more about our complete inbound and outbound legal phone services and as well as our state-of-the-art phone systems. Visit our Phone Applications web page to view our other phone services.

Legal Services Phone Reporting

An important feature of our legal phone services is the ability to generate real time reports and graphs.

This online reporting and feedback system helps you observe and control the performance of your automatic call answering services and voice broadcasting reminder campaigns.

VB graphs and charts of operational statistics let you measure the effectiveness of each reminder campaign as it is running.

The statistical information contained in each of these reports can be downloaded into a spreadsheet format for individually customized reporting.

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