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ACD - Automatic Call Distribution

acd Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a leading provider of call center technology including ACD (Automated Call Distribution) phone systems and call routing software.

The ACD typically work with DSC's award winning IVR (Interactive Voice Response) software. These products automatically answer incoming phone calls and intelligently process these calls.

The IVR in many cases can process the call without the need to transfer to an agent. Calls could be routed to the next available person who is available to answer the caller's question or can be intelligent enough to route the caller to a specific agent or group of agents with the skillset necessary to help the caller.

What Is An ACD?

An ACD is a computer telephony function associated with automatic phone answering systems. Here is a common definition for this term:

    "In computer telephony, an ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) is a system that automatically distributes phone calls to a specific group of agent work stations.

    ACD systems are quite often found in organizations that handle a large volume of incoming phone calls and where the caller has no specific need to talk to a certain person. The caller does want to speak with a person capable to provide information and assistance.

    Routing incoming calls is the task of the ACD system. The system consists of switching hardware, phone lines and routing software. The routing strategy is a set of instructions that tells the ACD how calls are handled inside the system."
An ACD System generally process incoming phone calls on a first come / first serve basis. However, intelligent ACD's such as those provided by DSC can route calls based upon caller identification, dialed number, time of day, and custom defined parameters established in an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) program script. Some ACD / IVR solutions enable input and responses to be gathered using voice recognition programs.

Contact DSC to learn more about our ACD software and phone systems.

Customer Profile - Professional Sports Services

"Professional athletes and athletic organizations face unique challenges when it comes to travel, housing and lifestyle maintenance. At Professional Sports Services (PSS), solving these challenges is our specialty. Outsource the logistical effort and aggravation. Simplify how you operate, and save money while you're at it. Keeping your best interests in mind is our top priority."


The Professional Sports Services utilizes our ACD solution and IVR phone service center to process incoming phone calls from potential clients. Our 800 call answering service automatically directs the caller to the appropriate department based upon the type of services required.

ACD Systems

acd system DSC offers both analog and digital ACD phone systems with automatic call distribution (call routing) features. A simple ACD system (ACDS) processes incoming telephone calls on a first come first serve basis. The phone system typically answers each call and, if necessary, holds it in a queue until it can be directed to the next available answering service representative. When an agent becomes available, this representative serves the first caller in this queue. However, the phone system does far more than simply process calls in sequence.

Our PACER (digital) and WIZARD (analog) ACD systems manage multiple call queues, keep logs of call group activity, and monitor call activity such as call queues, agents, and on hold times. Depending upon user defined business rules, our automatic call distribution systems create different processing paths for different callers.

ACD Software

acd software DSC provides a robust ACD Software library for organizations that require complex ACD and IVR development. This Software Development Toolkit allows C/C++ programmers to create IVR applications on a wide range of Linux, Unix and Windows servers. Most IVR systems are built into the phone system or are self contained programs running on a separate system. The WIZARD and PACER IVR systems operate in a client/server environment.

You can design and develop your own phone applications using this comprehensive software toolkit. Alternatively, DSC can provide you with a custom phone application. These applications can be easily ported to our digital phone system when your call volume requires a larger system.

ACD Services

acd services DSC provides comprehensive ACD services at our call center. These services include the development of call distribution applications such as the following:

  • Virtual Secretary - Automatically answer calls and route to appropriate individual or department.
  • Virtual Help Desk - Accept incoming calls and answer caller questions or route to the agent with the skills required to satisfy the caller's request.
  • Virtual Phone System or Virtual PBX - Computer phone systems that automatically answer calls and distribute these calls to remote agents or employees working from home.
Database Systems Corp. also provides ACD hosting services at our secure and highly redundant data center located in Phoenix, Arizona.

ACD Features

  • Intelligent skill based call routing
  • Route calls to remote agents
  • Prioritized call routing
  • DNIS assignment of agent groups
  • GUI interface
  • Unlimited number of agent groups
  • 800 Answering Services
  • Custom messages for each DNIS
  • Call queuing and call routing
  • Web call backs
  • Multimedia support (email, chat, inbound, outbound calls)
  • Alarms for callers in queue
  • Call-back message support
  • Customizable agent screens

ACD Information

Contact DSC for a FREE analysis and quote and to learn more about our ACD products and services.