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"I'm OK" Phone Service
CARE Ensures Well-being Of Elderly Residents

Phone Answering Service Ensures Residents Are OK

I'm OK Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides a community calling program called CARE (Call Reassurance) which incorporate our IVR and voice broadcast technology. This program is designed for seniors and children who are left at home alone (referred to as latchkey children). These programs are often called telephone reassurance by many communities and public service groups.

CARE systems are telephone reassurance phone dialers usually maintained by local police or sheriff's organizations as well as community service groups. CARE systems call subscribers once or more each day to ensure their well-being.

The CARE I'm OK answering service feature also allows seniors to call in each day to say "I'm OK". This provides the subscriber more flexibility in their schedule, rather than receiving a call at a fixed time each day.

Our telephone reassurance systems include the latest computer telephony integration technology and equipment.

The CARE system includes an IVR (interactive voice response) that automatically answers phone calls and acknowledge that a senior has called and is OK. This feature is called the CARE I'm OK option. Seniors can enroll in either type of calling program on the CARE system.

What Is A CARE Program?

    "CARE is a telephone reassurance program offered by many local communities that contacts elderly or handicapped residents on a daily basis by phone.

    These residents subscribe to this service, usually through community organizations such as the police or fire departments, and are usually called to ensure their well being. CARE subscribers often call the community organization to checkin as well. Telephone Reassurance programs are provided and managed by volunteers or provided using an automated phone dialing system. "
Contact DSC to learn more about our CARE call reassurance phone systems and community services. For a list of other applications and services provided by DSC, please visit our phone applications web page.

The Oxford Park Commission and R.S.V.P.

IM OK client

"RSVP volunteers provide hundreds of community services, ranging from tutoring children, museums, Meals-On-Wheels, nursing homes, income tax assistance, transportation, Triad (seniors and law enforcement working together) and many more stations." - www.oxfordparkcommission.com

The Oxford Park Commission and R.S.V.P. use our CARE telephone reassurance system to provide its senior citizens with a friendly call each day that checks in with subscribers to this service. Citizens can be called daily to ensure their well-being.

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