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Automatic Answering Services and Phone Systems

answering services Database Systems Corp. is a leading provider of call center technology including automated answering service solutions. DSC offers these services using a secure and redundant call center.

Inbound phone calls are processed using our "Smart" interactive voice response (IVR) software that answers calls without an operator. Calls can be processed entirely using this service or we can route these calls to your operators or service representatives.

Groups and organizations looking to reduce costs and to improve their customer service can contract their call answering services at our automated call center.

DSC provides a secure and redundant call center to ensure reliable service and high quality support. As designers of our award winning IVR software, DSC is uniquely positioned to manage your inbound phone service campaigns saving your organization both time and money.

DSC can deliver comprehensive service quickly, providing you with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. From external database access to web integration including VoiceXML messaging, DSC can provide custom phone applications in a short period of time.

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Customer Profile - Professional Sports Services

"Professional athletes and athletic organizations face unique challenges when it comes to travel, housing and lifestyle maintenance. At Professional Sports Services (PSS), solving these challenges is our specialty. Outsource the logistical effort and aggravation. Simplify how you operate, and save money while you're at it. Keeping your best interests in mind is our top priority."


The Professional Sports Services utilizes our ACD technology and IVR answering services center to process incoming phone calls from potential clients. Our 800 phone answering service automatically directs the caller to the appropriate department based upon the type of services required.

Answering Service Phone Systems

answering-service-system DSC offers both an affordable and expandable phone answering system. This modern phone system includes a Windows PC with computer telephony boards and Dialogic IVR software from DSC. When combined with our extensive call center software, these answering systems can perform both inbound call routing as well as outbound voice broadcasting campaigns - concurrently.

The WIZARD answering system is our entry level phone system that supports up to 48 analog phone lines. If your answering service center requires more lines, our PACER phone answering system can be used to answering calls using hundreds of digital phone lines.

Phone Answering Services

Besides offering a state-of-the-art call answering phone system, DSC provides automatic phone answering services at our multiple call center locations.

Phone applications can be designed and developed quickly using our experienced professional staff of phone system engineers. Using our call answering software, we provide an 800 number that is automatically answered by our phone system. Simple information can be provided to the caller based upon touch-phone key responses. Our service can likewise route this call to one of your representatives through an outbound transfer. Complete online reports and graphs are available as a standard part of this service.

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