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Call Center IVR
IVR Systems and IVR Outsourcing Services

Call Center IVR Systems and IVR Software

call center IVR Database Systems Corp. is a leading provider of call center IVR (interactive voice response) technology including IVR phone systems and IVR outsourcing services. Using this advanced call center technology, DSC offers its clients IVR design, development and programming services. These IVR services are provided to our clients using our advanced call centers and award winning IVR software.

Call centers can utilize our advanced IVR products to automatically answer inbound phone calls without an operator. Calls can be processed completely using this service or we can route these calls to your operators or service representatives, freeing these agents to perform more complex phone transactions.

DSC can deliver comprehensive phone answering solutions to your call center quickly - providing your center with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. From external database access to web integration including XML messaging, DSC can provide call center services and applications in a short period of time.

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HTH Worldwide

"HTH Worldwide is a leader in helping world travelers gain access to quality healthcare services all around the globe. HTH combines ongoing research, a contracted global community of physicians and hospitals, advanced Internet applications, and wide experience in international health insurance to ensure customers' health, safety and peace of mind." -

HTH Worldwide uses our call center IVR to route phone calls whenever there is a request for emergency transport services. Calls are answered and routed to the U.S. (with Paris as a backup) during the weekdays, whereas after hours and weekend calls are immediatedly routed to Paris.

Call Center IVR Systems

call center IVR phone system DSC provides its clients with both an affordable and expandable call center IVR phone system. This modern automatic call answering system is designed and integrated with an Intel PC and computer telephony boards from Dialogic. Database Systems has developed a comprehensive suite of call center software products. When combined with our IVR phone systems, these products can perform both automatic call answering as well as inbound call distribution to your call center agents.

For smaller call centers, DSC providesthe WIZARD IVR phone system. This affordable call center phone system supports up to 48 analog phone lines. For our larger call center customers, DSC has developed the PACER call center IVR phone system. This robust phone system can process calls using hundreds of digital phone lines.

Call Center IVR Software

call center IVR software Call center IVR software consists of a comprehensive library of routines that is callable from most modern computer languages such as C++ and Visual Basic.

Using voice recorded prompts and menus, our IVR software can present information and selection options to callers. Touch-tone keypad entries are obtained from the caller to collect information and to provide navigation through simple to complex IVR menu structures.

The DSC call center IVR software provides information back to the caller in the form recorded messages or data converted using text to speech. The IVR can also route the caller to a call center agent or transfer the call to an outside phone number or extension.

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