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Custom IVR Development

ivr development Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a leading provider of call center development tools including interactive voice response (IVR) development software. DSC offers custom IVR development services and tools necessary for building phone answering applications.

What Is IVR Development?

    IVR development is a component of an IVR project where a programming team is assembled and assigned tasks to compete the creation of an automated phone answering program.
IVR technology allows a phone caller to interact with the phone system without operator intervention. Whether your IVR application is simple or complex, DSC can design and program your calling campaign quickly and have your campaign in production within days.

Our experienced staff of IVR developers can analyze your phone application and develop a customized calling program that meets your objectives using the latest IVR best practice techniques. Your unique calling answering campaign does not have to conform to a static IVR solution. An IVR designed by our professional programming staff will process inbound phone calls according to your business rules.

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IVR Development Tasks

The following are just a few of the tasks that can be assigned to an IVR development team during the creation of an IVR program.

  • IVR design processing
  • IVR voice recording generation
  • Text to speech integration
  • Voice XML interface with external data
  • Develop IVR test scripts
  • Identify beta test groups
  • Assemble quality control team

IVR Project Phases

Database Systems Corp. applies the systems approach to the design and development of IVR applications for its customers. Here are the basic steps and functions that are performed by our experienced management and development team:

  • IVR Consulting - Initial IVR application feasibility study
  • IVR Design - Create a design specification of the application
  • IVR Development - Organize a development team and assign tasks
  • IVR Programming - Perform actual coding of the IVR application
  • IVR Testing - Test the IVR application prior to going live
  • IVR Implementation - install the IVR program in a live environment
  • IVR Management - maintain and enhance the ongoing IVR program

Interactive Voice Response Systems

An interactive voice response (IVR) processes inbound phone calls, plays recorded messages including information extracted from databases and the internet, and potentially routes calls to either in-house service agents or transfers the caller to an outside extension.

The Database Systems Corp. IVR system is an automatic answering system, collecting useful information from a caller before the call is transferred to an agent. This IVR platform can fulfill the callerís request without a transfer.

Our IVR software solution gives your organization a 24 by 7 capability, providing around-the-clock information to your callers.

By responding to prompts provided by our IVR system, callers can now receive any information you choose to make available. Call centers in particular can become instantly more productive by letting the phone system gather caller information, verify caller identity, and if necessary determine the best service representative to handle this request using our interactive voice response technology.

Custom IVR Applications

These are just a few of the custom IVR applications that have been developed by our professional programming staff using our comprehensive IVR software library:

  • Customer Service Surveys
  • Literature Fulfillment
  • Stock Quotes and Orders
  • Employee Testing and Evaluation
  • Order Entry and IVR Programming
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Employee Benefit Surveys
  • Market Research Surveys
  • Message and Recording Services
  • Locator IVR Service
  • Order Processing and Status
  • Voice Mail Processing
  • Inventory Confirmation
  • Account Status
  • Clinical IVR Surveys
  • Lead Generation & Capture
  • Contests and IVR Opinion Polls

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