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Payment By Phone Services
IVR Automatically Collects Payments

Automatic Payment By Phone Services

payment by phone Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides the technology that allows your clients to pay their bills automatically by phone. DSC has been a leading provider of computer technology since 1978. DSC offers both automatic phone answering services and outbound calling programs for businesses and community service organizations.

Automatic bill payment services and systems can help streamline your sales process and fee collections while increasing the productivity of your bill collections department. Clients now have the option to pay their bills by phone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our automated call answering systems use IVR (interactive voice response) technology that lets your clients call an 800 number to pay their bills or fees.

Paying bills using our automated phone service is easy for your clients to use. This feature can be embedded in a normal phone sales process or can be a standalone application dedicated to bill or fee payment.

Contact DSC to learn more about our automatic bill pay services and phone systems.

ADIR Money Transfer Corp. (La Curacao)

payment by phone

"La Curacao, through its technology division ADIR, is the first transmitter of money abroad to officially open in California in 2006, said Brian Yuen, Acting Commissioner of California Department of Financial Institutions. La Curacao will specialize in the transfer of funds to Mexico and Central America from California. Unique features of this service are financed transactions, automated IVR (interactive voice response) transfers and Visa pre-paid cards."

DSC provides the IVR application program that facilitates the money transfer functions required by La Curacao. Consumers call our call center IVR and initiate money transfers using our IVR phone systems.

Automatic Payment By Phone Applications

Processing bill payments over the phone can be used by businesses and government organizations alike. Here are just a few applications for this service:

  • Renew Licensing Fees
  • Pay Club Membership Dues
  • Pay Automatic Association Dues
  • Pay Automobile Registration Fees
  • Renew Subscriptions
  • Pay Local, State and Federal Taxes
  • Pay Retail Store Charges
  • Pay Delinquent Utility Service Fees
The following are some of the features of this automatic payment by phone service.
  • Your Own 800 Phone Number or
  • Transfer Existing 800 Number
  • Secure Connection With Credit Card Service
  • VXML Data Transfer Of Account Info
  • Professional Voice Prompts
  • Outside Phone Transfer If Required
  • Online Reporting
  • Much More....

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