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Retail Marketing Phone Services
Marketing To Consumers By Phone

Retail Marketing Systems and Services

retail marketing services Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides call center technology including automated phone services and complete, turnkey phone systems.

Accepting phone sales orders for goods and services has been a traditional business function for a number of years. The intelligent routing of calls to the appropriate sales person is a simple task for our call center phone system with IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

But our IVR retail sales technology goes far beyond connecting prospective customers to sales reps. Information can be collected from the caller prior to connecting to your sales agents.

The entire order process can be programmed without the customer talking with a sales person. Product availability, pricing, and order status information can all be given to the customer using simple touch phone responses.

Outbound call campaigns can be launched announcing a new product promotion. Pre-recorded messages can be played to call recipients or answering machines.

If the prospective customer needs to talk with a member of your sales team, the message can be programmed to allow a "Press 1...." option and the call will be transferred to one or more designated phone numbers. Calls can also be automatically placed to remind customers of ordered product arrivals.

Contact DSC to learn more about our sales support and marketing phone services. For a list of other applications and services provided by DSC, please visit our Phone applications web page.

Sara Lee

retail marketing services

"Sara Lee Corporation is a global manufacturer and marketer of high-quality, brand-name products for consumers throughout the world. With headquarters in Chicago, Sara Lee Corporation has operations in 55 countries and markets branded products in nearly 200 nations.

The corporation employs 145,800 people worldwide. Sara Lee Corporation's leading brand names are household words around the globe. Sara Lee's preeminent brands are built on consumer needs and expectations, offering exceptional quality and value."

Sara Lee acquired a retail marketing phone system from DSC which includes our IVR (Interactive voice response) system to process after-hour orders for it's clothing and apparel line of products. Using simple voice prompts, this system allows consumers to place orders for these clothing products without the need for a sales representative. Orders are processed the following business day.

Applications and Benefits Of Retail Sales Systems

An automated retail sales phone system has a wide variety of applications within a sales organization:

  • Outbound Telemarketing
  • Inbound IVR Sales Processing
  • Sales Appointment Setting
  • Payment Reminders
  • Customer Service: Follow-up
  • Fund Raising
  • Market Research
  • Community Alerts
significant benefits include:
  • Consistent Call Introduction
  • Maximized Productivity
  • Increased Agent Success and Morale
  • Enhanced Cost Savings
  • Improved Control
  • Efficient Use of Resources
  • Expanded Information Capability

Retail Sales Phone Features

If your sales organization needs its own marketing phone system, DSC can provide a state-of-the art solution. DSC provides systems that support both analog (WIZARD) and digital (PACER) phone lines. Here are just a few of the features of these systems. retail phone system

  • Inbound call answering function
  • Outbound call dialing features
  • Complete predictive dialing systems
  • Automatic call distribution (ACD systems)
  • ANI and DNIS recognition
  • Interactive voice response (IVR systems)
  • Text to speech conversion
  • Call and voice recording system
  • Supervisor command and control system
  • Sales monitoring and control
  • Progressive, preview dialing systems
  • Outbound IVR and voice broadcasting
  • Answering machine messaging
  • List manager with data import
  • Remote agent (work at home sales reps)
  • Fully integrated CRM application
  • Softphone integration with existing applications
  • Online reports and graphs of phone data
  • Industrial quality equipment components

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