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Automated Telephone Polls

IVR polls Conducting automatic political polls using IVR technology is fast becoming an accepted and economical way of determining the mood and feelings of an electorate.

Organizations such as Rasmussen have accurately predicted election outcomes using automated polling techniques.

What Is IVR Polling?

Automated polling using IVR technology is a telecommunications process where calls are automatically dialed by a computer and surveys and polls are conducted using computer scripts rather than live pollsters.

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a recognized leader in the call center industry and has been providing computer related products and software since 1978. DSC provides calling programs that help direct political marketing phone campaigns.

From local elections to national campaigns, DSC can manage your political polling campaigns from our voice broadcasting call center. With our political message dialing system, we can conduct political polls and surveys using random phone numbers or specific lists.

Register Online And Save!

DSC now provides an online signup for business and non-profit organizations wishing to use our voice broadcasting outsourcing services. Our competitive rates are affordable, even for the smallest calling campaign.

Start Calling In Just Minutes!. Using our new online signup lets you get started immediately with your calling campaign. Simply create an account and agree to our standard terms and conditions. Then download your list of phone numbers and record a message. We accept major credit cards and for as little as $25, you can begin calling. Its that simple!

Both emergency and non-emergency voice broadcasting services can be provided by DSC.

To register online, click on the the online registration image or button on the right.

Contact DSC to learn more about our political polling phone services. For a list of other applications and services provided by DSC, please visit our Phone applications web page.

Pikes Peak Library District

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"Sixteen years ago, the Pikes Peak Library District opened the Rockrimmon Branch Library to serve residents of northwestern Colorado Springs. In the decade and a half since, while the population of the community has expanded by more than 150,000, the District has maintained its system of 11 libraries and provided nationally recognized programs and services to its patrons." - ppld.org

The Pikes Peak Library District utilizes automated polling phone services at the Database Systems Corp. call center. During the recent election, PPLD broadcast political messages relating to the district including Get Out The Vote (GOTV) messages.

Political IVR Applications

Using our automated messaging dialing systems and services, DSC can deliver virtually any type of calling campaign that your organization requires. Here are just a few types of calling campaigns that can help you achieve success.

  • GOTV (Get Out The Vote)
  • Party and political action group updates
  • Party registration activities
  • Public opinion polling
  • Political event invitations
  • Enhance public awareness of political issues
  • Political fundraising campaigns
  • Political robo polling
  • Candidate introduction ads
  • Proposition support or objection
  • Political phone surveying
  • Voter registration

Call Us Today

Contact DSC to learn more about our political IVR polling phone services and systems.