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Phone System Features

PBX features Phone systems developed by Database Systems Corp. are state-of-the-art call processing systems that handle outbound dialing and inbound phone calls.

Our phone systems support both analog (Wizard Series) and digital (Pacer Series) phone lines and can be configured from 1 analog line to 500 digital lines.

Developed with industry standard components, our phone system has features and functions that can only be found in large PBX systems.

  • Outbound Dialing System - Phone systems from DSC are capable of performing outbound calling functions including voice broadcasting, dial on demand, predictive dialing, progressive dialing, and preview dialing - all at the same time.

  • Inbound Call Handling - The DSC phone system processes inbound phone calls and distributes these calls using our ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) system. With our IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, callers can perform self-help functions without speaking with an individual by making simple selections using the keypad on their phone set. Our phone system can even connect calls to your employees who are working at home or in remote offices.

  • Blended Call Processing Operation - Both inbound and outbound calling functions can be performed simultaneously. This blended call capability makes our phone system ideal for call centers.
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Phone System Features and Terminology

The PACER and WIZARD phone systems are capable of processing various types of calling campaigns. DSC has accumulated a list of phone system terms and definitions and has created links to pages that describe these definitions in detail.


Automatic call distribution


Answering machine detection


Analog phone line - analog phone systems


Automatic number identification


(Automated Response Unit) provides spoken response to phone prompts (similar to IVR)


Call extension of the primary operator

Auto Attendant

Route caller to a specific extension

Auto Dialer

Automatic phone dialing systems

Automated Directory

Provide callers an automated search of an organizational phone directory

Automatic Line Selection

Automatically selects an available line when making a call

Automatic Redial

Phone system continuously redials until the phone is answered

Call Back

Automatically call a number based upon date and time

Call Blending

Call center agents handling both inbound and outbound calls at the same time

Call Forward

Automatically forward incoming call when line is busy or no answer

Call Queue

Place incoming calls into a queue to be answered by phone system

Call Monitoring

Monitor agents and callers using call recording and real time monitor

Call Pickup

Taking a call Off Hold

Call Recording

Record conversation of caller and agents

Call Routing

Automatically route an incoming call to an agent

Call Transfer

Transfer a call to another extension

Call Waiting

Phone indicator that another call is waiting to be answered

Caller ID

Caller's phone number / name of caller

Conference Call

3 or more parties engaged in a phone conversation


Computer telephony integration

Custom Greeting

Change announcement according to special criteria such as time of day

Custom Menu

Customized option menus for an automated attendant


Digital T1 phone systems and service

Direct Inward Dialing

(DID) Internal phone system extensions that are not tied to a physical phone line


Do Not Call - blocking numbers from being called.


Do Not Disturb - disable extension from receiving calls


Dialed number identification service


Dual-tone multi-frequency signalling

Extension Dialing

Dial an extension on the phone system rather than outside line

Hunt Groups

Agent or workstation groups that are searched to assign a call

Incoming Only

Phone lines that can only be used for incoming calls


Interactive voice response


Ability to speak to other extensions on the phone system

Location Based Routing

Route an incoming call based upon where the call is originating

Music On Hold

Play recorded music or radio broadcast while caller is waiting

Night Answering

Route incoming calls to a different extension after normal business hours

Opt Out

User request to no longer receive phone calls.

Outgoing Only

Phone lines that can only be used for outgoing calls

Place On Hold

Place an answered call On Hold (also called Call Parking)


"Plain Old Telephone Service" - original analog phone service

Predictive Dialing

Automatically dial numbers connecting live answers to agents

Preview Dialer

Automatically dial a number after an agent reviews call information

Progressive Dialer

Automatically dial when an agent is available to take the call


"Public Switched Telephone Network" network of the world's public circuit-switched telephones

Public Address

Send phone message to multiple extensions or all stations


Pre-recorded messages delivered to a list of phone numbers in a rapid, efficient, and low-cost manner

Screen Pop

Display call information on agent screen

Skills Based Routing

Route calls to the most qualified agent(s)


Software for making telephone calls using a general purpose computer rather than using a traditional phone system


Digital phone lines - T1 phone systems


Telephone user interface - IVR design criteria

Text To Speech

TTS Software that converts text information to a wav file

Toll Restrictions

Limit outside calling to specific area codes or 800 series numbers

Virtual PBX

Route inbound calls and outgoing calls to agents working remotely

Visual Phone Dialing

Visual interface for handling, viewing and monitoring all desk phone call activity from the PC

Voice Broadcasting

Send recorded phone messages to large groups

Voice Over Talent

Professional voice prompts for phone system messages

Voice Portal

Interface between caller and information source

Voice Response System

Voice response systems concatenate speech segments to form voice prompts


(Voice Response Unit) provides spoken response to phone prompts (similar to IVR)

Wake Up Calls

Automatically send wake up call messages

Databse Systems Corp. Phone Systems

phone system features Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides call center technology including computer telephony integration (CTI Software) and contact management phone systems.

Call Center Phones perform different types of outbound dialing campaigns while also answering inbound phone calls using our ACD and IVR software.

This technology can be used by businesses and public organizations for commercial applications and for community emergency alert programs. Commercial messages can be sent to clients and prospects in bulk. Likewise notifications and warnings can be delivered to community members in the event of an emergency.

Phone System Documentation

The following user guides document the installation procedure associated with the WIZARD phone systems. Also included is a user guide that presents information about the operation and management of a voice broadcasting system.

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