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CTI Software
Computer Telephony Integration Software

Computer Telephony Software

cti software Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a leading provider of call center technology including computer telephony integration products and solutions. These solutions include our CTI software and phone systems as well as outsourcing call center services that employ CTI technology.

Our computer telephony phone software processes incoming phone calls using our IVR (interactive voice response) software that answers calls without an operator.

Computer Telephony Software from DSC is a robust set of library routines that enable your application programs to communicate with your phone system. This computer telephony software lets you increase staff productivity while enhancing your customer relationships and reducing costs. This is accomplished by combining the capabilities of your phone system with the custom functionality of your Windows, Unix or Web applications.

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CTI Software Solutions

DSC offers a wide range of CTI products and services for businesses and call centers. The following are just a few of these products:

  • Computer Telephony Software - CTI Software and Phone Systems
  • CTI Phone Systems - Computer Softphone Dialer and Software
  • IVR Software - Interactive Voice Response
  • Predictive Dialer - Auto Dialer Systems
  • Softphone Software - Web and PC CTI Enabling Software
  • CRM Software - Customer Relationship Management with CTI Features

CTI Software Functions

Our CTI software includes a rich set of phone functions that can be used within any existing PC or Web application. The following are just a few of our phone software functions that can be performed by these routines:

    cti phone software
  • Linux and Windows API Library
  • Phone System Login and Logout
  • Remote Agent Login
  • Make outgoing phone calls
  • Receive incoming calls
  • Transfer calls
  • Monitor calls
  • Place Calls ON/OFF hold
  • Voice Mail Retrieval
  • Phone Software Records Calls
  • Record Call History
  • Play messages
  • Make outgoing phone calls
  • Receive incoming calls
  • Transfer calls
  • Monitor calls
  • Direct calls to phone system IVR
  • Place outside call and transfer call
  • Accept calls directed from IVR with Text To Speech Software

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