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Voice Response Systems
Concatenated Speech Units

Voice Response Systems and Services

voice response systems Database Systems Corp. (DSC) has been providing computer technology products since 1978. These products include our modern call center phone systems as well as our complete line of outsourcing services.

DSC call center phone software was developed to process both inbound calls as well as outbound dialing campaigns.

One of the more important features of our phone system is our interactive voice response (IVR) technology that incorporates voice response system functions.

What Is A Voice Response System?

    "A voice response system is a form of speech synthesis in which sentences are formed by concatenating pre-recorded words from a database. Unlike a TTS system, which uses speech synthesis to form spontaneous sentences and/or phrases based on human phonetics, a voice response system operates with a limited vocabulary in situations where the sentences and/or phrases that are formed follow a strict predetermined pattern."
Our IVR software processes and controls the operation of inbound phone calling. This software includes voice response system features including the concatenation of text and recorded prompts. Likewise, it includes a library of common routines that perform voice response functions.

Contact DSC to learn more about our voice response systems and development software. To view other call center phone features, please visit our phone system features web page.

Honda Corporation

voice response systems and solutions

"Honda began as a small motorcycle manufacturer and is now a business that sells nearly 11 million products worldwide, including automobiles, motorcycles and power products. We have seen record-setting sales in the last three years, but still manage to retain the qualities of a small company. Qualities that we believe in. Unlike other global businesses that see size as the key to survival, Honda embraces the ideal that even as Honda operations expand around the globe, we want to maintain the qualities of a small company that is close to its customers." - www.honda.com

Honda Corporation uses our voice response system and IVR outsourcing services to answer incoming calls from its employees who are unable to report to work that day. A full IVR script prompts the employees to describe why they are unable to work and reports are provided to management immediately.

Common Voice Response System Routines

DSC has developed a series of voice response system phone functions to enhance the capabilities of our IVR software. These routines are provided in lieu of text to speech converters to ensure the proper pronunciation of hard to speak names. This ensures a smooth and continuous flow of variable information with pre-recorded prompts.

These voice response functions output various data types including information using either stock recordings or recordings that can be customized with your voice or that of a professional voice talent.



Plays Address, Street Name, Apartment, etc.


Plays a City Name


Plays a Given Date String


Plays a Given Date


Plays an email address


Plays the Current Time


Plays Cardinal Numbers, Ordinal Numbers, and Currency


Plays Phone Numbers, With Area Code and Extension


Plays the Spelling of a Word or Phrase


Plays A State Name


Plays a Given Time String


Plays a Given Time


Plays the Current Date


Plays a URL (uniform resource locator)


Plays A Zip Code

For a complete listing of our IVR and voice broadcasting applications as well as our outbound calling applications, please see our phone applications.

Voice Response System Software

voice response software DSC provides an extensive IVR software library that is used to create virtually any phone application. Several of the features include our own easy to use interactive voice response software that leads you step by step through the operation of your custom phone applications.

You can design and develop your own phone applications using our comprehensive software toolkit. Alternatively, DSC can provide you with a custom phone application. These applications can be easily ported to our digital phone system when your call volume requires a larger system.

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