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Digital Voice Broadcast Systems

voice broadcasting digital system Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a leading provider of call center phone services and systems including auto call dialer solutions.

DSC products include call center phone systems and software. DSC provides the PACER phone system, which is a reliable and powerful message broadcasting phone system supporting digital phone lines.

Voice message broadcasting is a modern communications technique that delivers a recorded phone message to multiple call recipients at the same time. This voice broadcast media can warn communities, provide political messages, deliver service announcements, and provide group information in a short period of time.

Voice broadcasting campaigns can be established by following a simple wizard or we can provide you with a custom voice application that includes our award winning IVR software.

Contact DSC to learn more about our WIZARD voice broadcasting systems and outsourcing services.

Digital Voice Broadcasting System Features

Our PACER digital phone systems are industrial quality computers and computer telephony boards with Dialogic voice broadcasting software from DSC. We custom install your application at our facility - simply plug in your digital phone lines and follow our simple voice broadcasting installation wizard.

Standard Voice Broadcast Features

    Digital Voice Broadcast System
  • Industrial Quality PC (Monitor Optional)
  • Modern Intel Processors
  • Dialogic Telephony Card(s)
  • 24 - 480 Digital Lines Per System
  • Multiple Networked Systems Working In Parallel
  • Windows OS
  • DSC Voice Broadcast Software
  • Simple Message Delivery
  • Message With "Press Through" Call Out
  • Automatic FTC Opt Out compliance
  • Multiple Voice Broadcast Programs
  • Voice Broadcast Reports
  • Text To Speech Integration
  • Touch Phone Navigation
  • Call Recording
  • System Monitoring
  • Message Forwarding

Options and Upgrades

  • Customized Voice Broadcast Programs Using IVR Software
  • Concurrent Inbound IVR functionality
  • LINUX, Unix, Windows Development Kit
  • Custom VB Application Development
  • XML Push Voice Messaging
  • Professional Voice Over Messages
  • CRM Expansion Option with Agent Support

FTC Compliant "Opt Out" Features

With the passage of the stricter FTC regulations, it is now more important than ever that your automatic message dialer gives call recipients the option to be removed from your calling lists.

Our WIZARD voice broadcasting phone dialer has an automatic "Opt Out" option that lets the recipient simply "Press 1...." and the dialed phone number will automatically be placed in a Do Not Call list maintained in the WIZARD dialer. Subsequent phone lists will be checked against this DNC file.

Additionally, the FTC requires a caller ID be provided with all telemarketing related calls. This number can be answered automatically by our integrated Opt Out program and the caller can remove the phone number by simply entering it on the touchphone keypad. This totally automatic "Opt Out" process requires no human intervention and satisfies the new FTC rules.

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