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Day Of Week Report

Day Of Week Report Information

This IVR report provides call information broken down by specific days in the week including the number of calls initiated during day. The following information is included in this report:

  • Day - Day of the Week (Monday, Tuesday, etc).
  • Count - Total number of calls initiated within each day.
  • Minutes - Total time of all calls within each day.
  • Average - Average call length (minutes) for each call within each day.
  • Transfer - Total number of times a call was transferred for each day.
  • Average - Average number of times a call was transferred for each day.
  • Total Minutes - Sum of all call minutes during each day.

For complete information about our IVR reporting system and IVR software solutions, please contact us. DSC can provide any additional custom reports that your organizations requires. DSC also provides a comprehensive set of IVR software library routines for the development of virtually any Interactive Voice Response application.

IVR Applications

IVR systems can be used for many different phone applications:

  • Stock quotes Major investment firms allow clients to get stock and option price quotes by phone.
  • Controlling sensitive data Banks are using voice verification to avoid unauthorized callers gaining access to confidential information.
  • Business directory assistance Companies are beginning to offer commercial directory assistance, including hotel and restaurant guides. A caller can make inquiries in natural form, e.g., "Is there a French restaurant near the beach?"
  • Flight information Airlines are using IVRs for their employees to schedule flights. Airline reservation systems will be broadly deployed for corporations and the public.
  • Parcel tracking Large parcel shipping companies are using IVR to automate giving a customer status of their package when they call and say the tracking number.
  • E-mail Distribution More and more products and services allow calling in over the telephone and hearing e-mail using text to speech.
  • Accepting toll free calls Most toll free calls in the US are completed by the computer deciding whether the receiving party has accepted the call by simply understanding "yes" versus "no.".

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