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Smart Predictive Dialers
Advanced Predictive Dialer Technology

Predictive Dialers With Outbound IVR

predictive dialers Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a leading provider of automated call center phone systems and services including Predictive Dialer systems and automated call processing software. DSC is also the leading innovator in "Smart" predictive dialing.

Without the use of predictive dialers, outbound call center agents are talking on average only 20 - 30 minutes out of an hour. Predictive dialers have demonstrated talk times in the 50 minute range, giving your center a productivity increase of nearly 100%!

Our call center phone systems perform traditional dialing as well as predictive dialing. With its enhanced features and flexibility, our predictive dialers support an advancement in outbound telemarketing called "Smart" predictive dialing.

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NOTE: Current federal and state legislation prohibit or restrict the use of predictive dialing and voice broadcasting. Please familiarize yourself with these regulations and ensure you are complying with all of these rules.

What Is "Smart" Predictive Dialing Technology

Smart Predictive Dialers Our call center predictive dialer with Outbound IVR features can help qualify leads by automatically dialing phone numbers, detecting a "live" answer on the line, and playing a pre-recorded greeting message. This message can be a consistent, high quality introduction to your company, products or service.

After presenting this greeting, our phone system presents your customer or prospect with various options. Using touchphone keypad responses, the call recipient can choose to talk with your service representative, leave a voice message, request another call back time, or simply express no interest.

Contacts that are passed to your agents in this fashion are far more qualified and the probability of a successful call with this individual has increased dramatically. Since the phone system is doing the introductory qualification, you will need fewer agents to handle these calls. Your agents will no longer be repeating over and over the same introduction - now they will be talking with an interested and qualified party.

Predictive Dialers with Soft Phone Connection

If your business requires live agents responding to calls, we can connect your phone representatives to our phone system in several ways. If you have an existing web or PC application that requires integration with our predictive dialer, we can provide you with a complete CTI softphone library of phone related functions that you can embed in these applications.

Our sophisticated Soft Phone can be used with an existing Web application, without any modification to your existing web programs. Finally, our Softphone application can reside on your agent's PC that simply gives your operators phone functionality from the desktop.

DSC also provides a complete CRM application for centers that require this type of contact management solution fully integrated with our predicive dialer.

With all of these options, your service representatives can be working from your office where your predictive dialer resides or they can work from home using the high speed internet.

"Smart" Predictive Dialers

predictive dialers DSC offers two distinct families of predictive dialers. These call center phone systems include a modern Windows PC with Dialogic computer telephony cards. When combined with our extensive IVR software, these phone systems can perform both inbound call answering functions as well as many different types of outbound calling campaigns.

The WIZARD predictive dialing system is our entry level call center phone system that supports up to 48 analog phone lines. If your call center requires more lines, our PACER predictive dialing system can be used to deliver outbound phone calls over hundreds of digital phone lines.

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