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Call Handling Solutions
IVR and Voice Broadcasting Solutions

Call Handling Phone Systems and Outsourcing

call handling solutions Database Systems Corp. has been providing call handling systems and software for nearly 3 decades. DSC also offers call handling outsourcing services using our state-of-the-art call centers.

These centers can process inbound phone calls using our award winning interactive voice response (IVR) software that answers calls without an operator. Calls can be processed completely using this service or we can route these calls to your operators or service representatives.

Our call handling service center provides voice messaging services that allows you to automatically broadcast a recorded phone message to customers, employees or the general community in the event of an emergency situation.

Non profit organizations and businesses alike can reduce costs and improve service by using our inbound call handling phone service and outbound call center outsourcing. Database has been developing computer software and system solutions since 1978 including our phone answering software - thus we are uniquely positioned to manage your call handling campaigns saving your organization both time and money.

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Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO

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"The New Jersey Nurses Union (N.J.N.U.), a member of the Communications Workers of America (AFL-CIO), was organized to foster the general welfare of its members and exists for the purpose of addressing the staff nursesí concerns related to wages, rates of pay, hours, working conditions, and grievance handling." -

The New Jersey Nurses Union utilizes our voice broadcasting service call center services to contact its members for meetings and other general announcements and events.

Call Handling Phone Systems

call handling phone system DSC offers both an affordable and expandable call handling phone systems. This modern phone system includes a Windows PC with computer telephony boards from Intel / Dialogic. When combined with our comprehensive call handling software, these phone systems can perform both inbound call distribution as well as outbound voice message broadcasting campaigns.

The WIZARD system is our entry level phone system that supports up to 48 analog phone lines. If your call handling requires more lines to process inbound and outbound calls, our PACER phone system can be used to process calls using hundreds of digital phone lines.

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