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Voice Broadcast User Guide
Voice Broadcast Menu Configuration

Voice Broadcast User Guide


Voice Broadcast Configuration Menu

The Voice Broadcast Menu selection allows the administrator to define, maintain and execute pre-defined voice broadcasting campaigns.

When the Voice Broadcast option is selected, the following screen appears. From this screen, the administrator can perform any of the defined functions listed on this Window.

voice broadcasting user guide

Managing Voice Broadcasting Campaigns

Existing campaigns are listed in the top of this screen. To modify, delete or execute a campaign, simply select the campaign using your mouse and depress the Change Voice Broadcast, Delete Voice Broadcast or Start Voice Broadcast buttons. To add a new voice broadcast campaign, simply depress the Add Voice Broadcast button.

Each voice broadcast campaign is one of three different types:
  • Message Only simply plays a recorded message to an individual or answering machine.
  • Press Through voice broadcast campaigns allow the called individual to press a phone keypad number to take a specific action.
  • Custom voice broadcast campaigns allow the administrator to create a custom IVR program that is executed when a voice broadcast call is answered.

A brief description can be added to a campaign and is displayed to the administrator when selecting the campaign to modify or execute.

Voice Broadcast Campaign Maintenance Functions

The following functions can be performed from the above screen. Campaigns can be defined, modified, deleted. Data can be imported into the campaigns and archived after execution. Finally the administrator can start execution of a voice broadcasting campaign.

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