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Voice Broadcast User Guide
Add / Change Voice Broadcasting Campaigns

Voice Broadcast User Guide


Voice Broadcast Configuration Menu

Add / Change Voice Broadcasting Campaigns

Add / Change Campaigns

The administrator may create a new voice broadcast campaign by selecting the Add Voice Broadcast button from the above screen.

voice broadcasting auto dialer

Defining A Voice Broadcast Campaign

The first screen that appears is the following dialog box that allows the administrator to define where in the WIZARD file system the voice broadcast campaign is to be stored. Each voice broadcast campaign is maintained on the WIZARD file system as a separate file.

auto dialer

A unique name must be associated with each voice broadcast campaign as well as an option description. A browse function is provided to assist the administrator in defining and identifying a unique campaign.

voice broadcasting user guide

Defining Different Types of Voice Broadcast Campaigns

As mentioned above, there are three different types of voice broadcasting campaigns. The following screen appears allowing the administrator to define a specific type to this voice broadcast campaign:

auto dialer

The administrator is provided different screens to assist in the definition of each different voice broadcast campaign type.

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