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Voice Broadcast User Guide
IVR Configuration

Voice Broadcast User Guide


voice broadcast user guide

The IVR configuration allows the systems administrator to define the location of Voice Broadcasting and IVR programs. These programs can be defined to execute from the WIZARD dialer PC, from a Windows or Linux server maintained on the local area network, or from a Windows or Linux server accessible on the Internet. This gives the greatest amount of flexibility when creating a voice broadcast and IVR computing environment. The following dialog box appears below:

auto dialer user guide

The WIZARD is initially configured to run IVR and Voice Broadcast programs from the local system. This can be modified by the administrator.

The Error DNIS is the Default DNIS program that is run whenever an error is encountered with a custom IVR or Voice Broadcast program and control of execution cannot be passed to these programs. As shipped, this program is provided by Database Systems Corp. but may be modified by the administrator as well.

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