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Configuration Dialing Rules

Voice Broadcast User Guide


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The Dialing Rules dialog box allows the systems administrator to customize the configuration of the WIZARD system for the local dialing environment. These rules are honored during all dialing functions including voice broadcasting, press through dialing plus auto and manual dialing functions associated with Telemation (CRM Software). Normally, all numbers dialed by the WIZARD phone system are 10 digit numbers plus the "1" for long distance. However, since local numbers may be dialed or numbers that do not require a "1" as a prefix, this configuration step is necessary.

The first entry is the local area code where the dialer is located. If a phone number contains 10 digits (Area Code, Prefix and Number) and the area code matches the "Local Area Code", the area code is stripped from this number. Thus, only 7 digits are dialed.

If the number contains 11 digits including the "1" prefix, the "Local Area Code" check is ignored and all 11 digits are passed to the dialer.

Other options include the identification of other area codes that do not require a "1" prefixing the number, but do require the area code be included in the number. In this case, 10 digits are dialed without the preceding "1".

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The system administrator can also designate certain prefix area codes that need specialized "pre-dial" characters inserted in the dial string before the actual number is dialed. This could be a "9" for outside line or any other localized required prefix.

Customized dialing rules can likewise be inserted by the administrator for specific phone number prefixes.

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