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Computer Telephony Integration Solutions

Telephone Software and CTI Phone Systems

telephone software Database Systems Corp. is a leading provider of call center technology including automated phone systems and telephone software. DSC offers CTI enabled phone systems as well as call center outsourcing using our full featured telephony phone software.

DSC telephone software connects applications to our WIZARD (analog) and PACER (digital) series of telephone systems. Included with our phone software are extensive reports, statistics, and graphs to help you effectively manage the coordination between your applications and your telephone system.

Our telephone software functions on your Local Area Network (LAN) or via the Internet, enabling your phone agents to work in a central call center, remote office or even from home.

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Types of Telephone Software Solutions

DSC telephone software can be tailored to fit the appearance that you want in your applications. Telephone applications can be standalone programs or can be embedded in your Web and PC application:

  • Standalone Telephone Software Application

    Our standalone phone software is a PC program that includes our soft phone library routines. This program can be developed in C/C++, Visual Basic, Active X Control, .NET Control and other PC programming protocols.

    Database has developed a number of softphone models that can be used as standalone applications on your agent desktops. We also can customize your softphone for the look and feel that best suits your organization. And with our extensive software library, you can develop your own PC softphones.

  • Telephone Software Embedded in PC Applications

    Our extensive telephone software library and utilities can be embedded in your PC applications, effectively "CTI enabling" these applications. Call information can be passed to these PC applications which can be launched based upon a phone event such as a received phone call. Applications can be written in C/C++, Visual Basic, Active X Control, .NET Control and other protocols.

  • Telephone Software Embedded in Web Application

    Our telephone software can be embedded in your existing intenet website pages. Telephone functions can be controlled from within your web applications.

    telephone software web application

    Softphone Buttons Embedded in Existing Website Pages

    The above example demonstrates the use of our telephone functions within a browser based application. Telephone buttons can be embedded anywhere in your web application, connecting your users with our phone systems. This option provides limited phone functionality due to the asynchronous nature of web operation.

  • Web Application Embedded In Telephone Software

    Conversely, our telephone software can control web applications within itself, offering complete navigational control of web pages and applications based upon phone events. The software can control which web page appears based upon a phone event such as the receipt of a call. This feature provides the maximum phone control and allows the softphone to launch web pages, passing variable information to each page as it is displayed.

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