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Online Registration

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides two different types of voice broadcast services. These include services for emergency and non-emergency groups.

The primary difference is that non-emergency voice broadcast accounts send messages during normal business hours whereas emergency accounts can broadcast messages throughout the day, 24/7. Emergency accounts are available for communities or organizations that truly require instant notification to its members.

Each type of service has a separate registration form.

FREE Online Registration!

Signing up is free and requires no payment until you begin using our service. Once you have filled out this online service form and submitted our online agreement, a representative will contact you regarding our convenient payment methods and your account will be activated immediately. Because of the potential for misuse of this powerful communications media, DSC requires proper identification.

NOTE: Filling out this online registration does not obligate you to this service. DSC supplies an online agreement that must first be signed and submitted by fax or mail. This contract provides all pricing and terms of agreement. Only after you submit this agreement is your account billed and activated.

If you have any questions, please call us at 602-265-5968.

How It Works

Once you have registered as a client, follow these simple three steps to initiate a voice broadcasting campaign:
  • Upload your phone numbers to our secure website
  • Call our toll free number to make voice recordings of your out-going messages.
  • Initiate the calls from the website or from the toll free number (premium option)
There is no limit to the number or length of the phone lists you provide. Lists should be provided in a .csv file (a common Excel text format). If you prefer, we can provide professional voice recordings of your messages.

FTC Regulations

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has developed more stringent rules when it comes to sending recorded voice messages to individuals and answering machines. Please review these regulations (particularly relating to commercial voice broadcasting) when considering the use of any automated call broadcast service.

DSC provides a summary of these rules here (Telemarketing Sales Rule) and describes its Opt Out capabilities that satisfy these FTC requirements.

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